3G Services

Wifi Video Platform provides the technical infrastructure between content owners/publishers and the video distribution channels (Mobile Operators and Broadband providers).

We are building a catalog of white label 3G video services based on Wifi’s Video Platform as a starting kit for mobile video service enablers, to help them bring services to the market faster and cheaply. The aim of 3G video services is to increase the revenue potential of multimedia content on mobile devices – targeting mobile services based on 3G video call.

We are actively developing a catalog of mobile video services that can be branded according to the client needs and integrated with existing applications and platforms, some of the services are listed below:

3G Services

Key Success Factors for 3G Services

  • Video Portal
  • Video Blog
  • Customized Video Calling
  • Video Alerts
  • Movie based video content downloads and streaming
  • Video Sharing for social networking
  • Live Streaming of TV channels and video clip downloads for all the TV related programs like cultural activities, sports, spiritual and religious content, news headlines, music video etc.,
  • Video Ringback tones which can be customized with customers own video.
  • M commerce applications like banking, shopping, entertainment, ticket bookings (bus, train, flights)
  • Streaming Radio

Video Platform

The Wifi’s Video platform that powers mobile video services is based on commercial and open source best of breed systems and proprietary tools developed by Wifi.

3G Video Service - Video Blog

The mobile video blog service complements a web-based or mobile blog publishing platform by enabling users to contribute and enjoy video contents from a 3G phone.

  • Direct access – just press one key – to record a new video
  • Real time publication of recorded video to personal web-based blog
  • No time-consuming upload or sync activity required (when using 3G video call access)
  • Video recording happens on the server, no local storage on the 3G phone needed and no time
  • limit on video length unless enforced (3G video call access)
  • Alerts can be defined when new videos have been uploaded by other bloggers
  • The service interface can be personalized based on caller-id and PIN
  • Any 3G phone that support video calls can access the service
  • The service can be also accessed through a mobile internet browser via GPRS data

Video blog is based on the 3G broadband network, and supplies online- recording, releasing video log, and achieving a search, online viewing, downloading, video recommendation, sharing and other functions through mobile terminals, while providing internet and WAP to realize the Video blog functions. The operational characteristics are as follows:

  • Grabbing street scene and funniest moment anywhere
  • Phone call initiates online video recording
  • Upload directly without large-capacity memory support
  • Create customized video sharing space
3GServices imobile

3G Video Service - Video Portal

The videoportal service acts as a container allowing any internet or mobile portal owner to effortlessly repurpose existing content (e.g. video gallery, photo gallery, video news) for video call access.

  • A new channel to target new mobile customers segments
  • Content rights purchasing optimization
  • The video portal can be automatically updated by the same feeds going into the internet and mobile portals
  • Simplified navigation through DTMF when compared to wap sites
  • The videoportal can be used to preview premium video contents (e.g. video ringtones), that can be purchased with existing methods – such as premium sms – at the end of a video call session
  • The video portal can be tailored to user preferences based on caller ID
  • Video calls are particularly suited to TV-like advertising – new products can be designed for this channel that extend the portfolio available to advertising agencies with innovative formats (e.g. video contests)