3G Solutions

Mobility, Multimedia and the explosion of communities are there major trends in telecommunication today. With the adoption of 3G phones and services, capturing and sharing video, video call, video conferencing, rich content downloads, live tv on mobile will be an increasingly important part of our personal and business communications in the feature. There are dozens of services which permit people to communicate on 3G networks in richer and more exiting ways than using 2G or 2.5G technologies. But the majority of new video services are yet to be built and tested with subscriber. In the short term, investment, innovation and experimentations are required on the part of many industry players

For operators to monetize their investments, for 3G services to become an integral part of every popular service bundle of the future, Consumers and professionals must be offered a critical mass of exiting end-user services. The 3G mobile VAS service portfolio must be well integrated within existing infotainment.

Key Success Factors for 3G Services

Service Providers

  • Cooperation and partnership on the 3G value chain
  • Market segmentation and targeting effectiveness
  • Fast introduction and application of services
  • Overcoming psychological barriers
  • Target marketing efficiency
  • Good financial situation (should be sustainable)
  • Plausible state legislation and regulations


  • Value added (cheaper, faster, and/or more convenient than the alternatives)
  • Personalized and/or customized services
  • Reaching a critical mass
  • The full range of services
  • Ease of use
  • Compatible with the culture
  • Pricing effectiveness (Packaging)
  • Reliability of service (no down time)
  • Reliability of the content
  • Security

3G Services Platform Architecture

3G Services Platform Architecture

3G Services

The first step in developing the architecture is to develop an understanding of how 3G networks and services will evolve. This understanding will be achieved through the process of capturing requirements from the main business players involved in the delivery of 3G network and services. Wifi Networks is focused on developing 3G products and services for H.323, SIP and H.324M environments understanding the key requirements from business players. Our Main product lines include 3G Gateway and Media Server for the development of interactive real-timeaudio/video services for IP (SIP, H.323) and 3G UMTS (H.324M) networks and ready to deploy services like Video Mail, Video Portal, Video Chat, Video Blog and Video Ring Back Tones.