Caller Ring Back Tune

A Ring back tone is the tone a caller hears when he/she places a call to another fixed line number, or mobile terminal. It is generated, not by the called party’s terminal or handset, which is what, happens with ring tones, but by a signaling capability within the called party’s network service provider. Its attraction lies in the fact that it can be personalized (like a ring tone, with which it should not be confused). It could be a tone, a particular sound, or a collection of sound effects, bars of music, even voice, or quite conceivably some time soon, multi-media messages (and perhaps images).

Also and therein lies its great attraction, Ring back tones are under the complete control of the network operator, although they are only one application among several others that presently come under the heading of “audio streaming”.

WiFi Network’s Ring back Tone enables users to select a melody or record a short greeting that the caller will hear. This service works with any mobile terminal unlike ring tone services that need to be stored in specific mobile terminals. Specific melodies can be designated according to time of day, date, caller's number or caller's number group. A pre-recorded message can also be played as well. Also, users may send a selected melody to another user as a gift.

CRBT Features

WiFi Network’s CRBT system supports a number of innovative features. These can be customized to suit the requirements of specific implementations. The options are as given below

  • Select one RBT for All the Callers, which will also be the default RBT
  • Assign an MSISDN/MDN/Phone number series or range to an RBT
  • Assign different calling party numbers to different RBT
  • Create groups of numbers and assign the group to RBT
  • Different time period within a day can be assigned to an RBT
  • Assigned different days of the week to different RBT
  • Assign events / festivals to specific related RBT
  • Subscribers can record their own message and assign as RBT
  • Selected category in the content database with further flexibility of playing the individual items in that category on sequential and/or random basis as selected by the subscriber
  • Most popular item/category in the content database e.g. dialogs of Movies etc.
  • Create an album and update the same
  • Gift an RBT to another subscriber
  • Copy a RBT from another subscriber if the code is known

WiFi Network’s CRBT Platform

WiFi Network’s CRBT platform comprises of an SCP, Content Management System (registration server, content server and CRBT Voice Engine. WiFi Networks proposes an IN based solution to handle the CRBT services.