USSD Gateway

Value-added services are now an essential element in the range of products offered by a mobile operator, promoting customer loyalty providing an important revenue stream in their own right. USSD can give almost all subscribers a WAP like service without having a WAP capable terminal. This gives good means of competition and short payback time for the service provider.

USSD allows a mobile user to interact with applications in near real-time by typing a few characters on their mobile and pressing the ‘call’ button. As USSD is suited to a range of applications, including interactive services and technology makes a very efficient use of network resources and can complement the IVR based services. And USSD can also be used for various services provided by the operator, for example pre-paid airtime top-ups and balance enquiries or the Call back service. This can also act as a connection to third party applications (a good example would be a menu based service, such as Interactive TV). Further, the USSD allows an operator to provide services to its customers even while roaming.

Technical Features

DVB-T has technical characteristics that make it a very flexible system:

  • The Access Point protects the USSD Gateway from potential external application problems, including denial of service attacks.
  • Third parties interact with the Access Point through a XML based interface (UXML).
  • The solution provides flexible CDR generation (content, time or menu based).
  • Our Gateway is designed for extremely flexible routing to different applications, including service codes and service sub codes.
  • The design allows a single PC (SS7 Point Code) for distributed servers (Menus and TCAP-D).
  • The Gateway Supports Phase 1 and Phase 2 USSD, including Push (application to mobile).
  • Standard support for 160 characters (and up to 183 depending on network configuration).
  • Performance is tracked and managed through configurable alarms and a full suite of graphs and statistical features.
  • The system will integrate easily with the operator's existing infrastructure, or with other WiFi Networks platforms. Our solutions are compatible with GSM 900, 1800 and 1900 and with all standard-compliant GSM vendor infrastructures.
  • WiFi Networks solutions suit operators of all sizes because they are designed to scale up on a modular basis. This means that an increase in capacity is as simple and cost-effective as adding a node that meets a specific requirement.
  • Integrated load balancing through the SS7 configuration.
  • We supply high availability, fully distributed systems with server redundancy

Network Architecture

Network Architecture


Key Features

  • Entertainment portal
  • Customer Care Services
  • SMS/MMS Menu
  • Call Back

SMSC Benefits

Mobile operator:

  • Fully interactive mobile services to nearly all your mobile users, right now.
  • Leverage your existing 2G network investments.
  • Generate revenues with highly cost-effective and profitable services.
  • Save on your current IVR application operating costs with network efficient services.
  • Boost traffic on SMS / MMS services.
  • Increase ARPU with innovative data services.
  • Educate your customers and anticipate a smooth shift to next generation services.


  • High speed connections and interactions.
  • Simple and Easy access: as straightforward as making a phone call directly from the phone's keypad.
  • User friendly and intuitive navigation with browser type features and session persistency.
  • Seamless Roaming: Services are available anywhere in the world using the same codes.
  • Compatible with nearly all legacy handsets, no need for handsets modification /configuration or SIM card up gradation.
  • Inexpensive (or even free) services.
  • Network efficient and cost effective