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» Daily horoscope predictions

» Janumada Jodi Concepts


A viewer can send an SMS and know horoscopic prediction for the day. As soon as a viewer sends a message his predictions for the day will be sent to him in a return message. TV channel can scroll few interesting predictions on the Aston band and invite more people to send messages.


A lucky couple will celebrate their marriage hood A lucky will call and record most memorable incidents of their marriage hood and leaves their details There will be an animated sequence shown with both the husband and wife dancing/garlanding and also a shower of petals.

Alibaba Ke paanch Sawaal contest

Alibaba is one of the most house hold names in our country.


Alibaba aur paanch sawaal contest

The caller will be asked 5 questions. Every right answer will carry 5 points. The contest will be for 6 days and the questions will  change every day. Each time the caller calls and gives right answers his points are accumulated. The winners will be picked by lucky draw.

Billoo master’s contest

Thecaller will be asked 15 questions. Contrary to the normal practice of giving correct answers; we shall entertain and reward people to think opposite and select wrong answers. Every wrong answer will carry 10 points. This contest will be held from 4th Dec till 31st Dec and the questions will be picked randomly every day. Each time the caller calls and gives right answers his points are accumulated. The winners will be picked based on points and by lucky draw.

Blasting balloons

An SMS based game application.Four balloons of different colors are arranged in a sequence Each balloon will be named as A,B, C or D. At regular intervals one of the balloons will be shot After some time Viewers will be asked to guess on which balloon will be shot next. A viewer will SMS the answer and win some exciting prize

King of Tollywood

A format show that tests a person’s Knowledge about Telugu movies. This show will be positioned as the toughest thing to get through on the planet. This show will have 4 stages and each show can run for 20-30 days. Each stage of this show will be dedicated to one of the most popular actor of Tollywood.

Treasure Hunt

Treasure hunt is a format show. 7 lucky registered members will be given a chance to participate in the show Registration can be done either by sending a SMS or by calling. The show is all about finding the hidden treasure and winner will take home the same. An attractive Jewellry, gadget etc can be a treasure/prize money.