WiFi Networks provides mobile network operators with a comprehensive range of products, which enables service providers to rapidly introduce network-based mobile applications. By utilizing a flexible application and modular framework, WiFi offers scalable products built for service provisioning, real-time converged rating and charging, messaging, service control, customer relationship management, VAS products and solutions and mobility applications.

Our portfolio includes all types of SMS and USSD person-to-application, application-to-person and person-to-person messaging solutions. And the platforms are based on the most recent technologies, guaranteeing the efficiency and performance of all our products. We provide a wide range of innovative, scalable and flexible solutions, based on, open standards with a high integration level with external applications.

WiFi messaging solutions ranges from a full featured SMSC to small broadcast modules and SMPP servers for SMS traffic off loading. E very solution is fully redundant and customized and able to comply with the client's needs. All applications have a friendly environment for service design (Graphical Service Creation Environment), configuration and monitoring, allowing the user to be updated about the platform status at any time. And all  SMS platforms can be personalized and set up for ensuring a complete fulfilment of the client's needs.