Mobile Radio

WiFi Mobile Radio Service on Voice is a localized Voice Portal which plays regional songs 24 hrs along with VAS services in between the songs. Voice Portal is Customized and Categorized for all mobile subscribers, covering all Age groups, Sex, and Religion.

VAS services include, News, Astrology, Jokes, Movie/Music Reviews, Ringtone downloads, Quiz /Contest, Tips (Beauty, Health and Recipe), Quotes, Celebrity Interviews, Mimicry etc.,.

Mobile Radio Programme Categories :
  • Devotional Songs
  • Good Morning TN
  • Morning Show
  • Chart Busters Songs
  • Celebrity Special Songs
  • Women Special
  • Old is Gold
  • Youth Zone
  • Event Specials
  • Week end Special
Content Categories Briefing :
  • Devotional Songs
  • Chart Busters
  • Celebrity Special
  • Women’s Special
  • Old is Gold
  • Youth Zone
  • Specials
  • Just Enjoy
Why WiFi Networks

Our value :

  • Existing agreements with operators on SMS.
  • Existing exclusive agreements with broadcasters, to manage their interactivity (currently with over 55 television channels).
  • Ability to offer end-to-end solutions on both ends of the spectrum.
  • Live Mobile interactive Television solutions.
  • Integration of all the services on a single code 6006xx resulting in ease of recall to the subscriber.
  • Individual numbers to each channel, resulting in clear MIS and focus areas for operators.
  • Participating the DNA of the operator, thereby working closely with the VAS team towards their revenue targets.
  • Ability to conceptualize and offer compelling creative content, which appeals to the linguistic population as well.
  • Ability to run operator specific local programs to manage better utilization of the deployed infrastructure.
  • Watertight teams working with the operator, ensuring high levels of integrity of information.
We have :
  • Extensive experience in Broadcasting and Telecom space, Experience as diverse as internet, Mobile internet, Wireless media – WAP, 3G,SMS, MMS & IVR.
  • Own Technology & product development.
  • Innovative concepts.
  • On-going service collaboration with clients.
  • Customization based on the needs of our clients.
  • 24/7 Support: Our team of technical support experts at Operator premises ensures excellence for the services.
  • Daily MIS: Operator specific MIS Web page with secured logins would be given to the operators in addition to the daily MIS being mailed to the concerned VAS manager.
  • Infrastructure deploying capabilities: At any given point of time our infrastructure deployment for enhancement of the E1 lines would be within 48 hours of notice at any given location.

Key Features :

  • 24 hrs Radio Service with VAS Service.
  • Time Based Programmes.
  • Customized and Categorized Portal covering all Subscribers.

Mobile operator :

  • Fully interactive mobile services to nearly all your mobile users, right now.
  • Leverage your existing 2G network investments.
  • Generate revenues with highly cost-effective and profitable services.
  • Save on your current IVR application operating costs with network efficient services.
  • Boost traffic on SMS / MMS services.
  • Increase ARPU with innovative data services.
  • Educate your customers and anticipate a smooth shift to next generation services.
Subscribers :
  • High speed connections and interactions.
  • Simple and Easy access: as straightforward as making a phone call directly from the phone's keypad.
  • User friendly and intuitive navigation with browser type features and session persistency.
  • Seamless Roaming: Services are available anywhere in the world using the same codes.
  • Compatible with nearly all legacy handsets, no need for handsets modification /configuration or SIM card up gradation.
  • Inexpensive (or even free) services.
  • Network efficient and cost effective