Products & Solutions

WiFi Networks develops a full set of solutions and products aiming all stages of the telecom industry.

Software developers are benefited from our mobile protocols and hardware expertise with signaling and voice boards, offering a wide range of APIs and service creation environments that allows to create and deploy a whole new system from start point. As well, System Integrators enjoy using our open modules with standard interfaces like TCP, IP, XML, CORBA, XML facilitating integration with external systems and the system integrator's proprietary systems, offering a robust and fully compatible solution to their customers.

Our set of proven pre-built turn key products are an ideal solution for Operators and Carriers willing to incorporate new services or enhance existing ones in a fast manner. We commit to offer the best and appropriate solution adapting to our customer needs.

Short Code : Short Code service on 56006XXX.

You can have your choice of Short Code like 56006XXX subject to availability.

[Example: 56006111, 5600600 etc]

Short Codes are five digits in length and starts with the digit '5'. These five digits can be extended further by three more digits representing 3 additional characters.