Video Conferencing

Wifi’s 3G (H.324M) /H.323-SIP Solution
Wifi is focused on enterprise and carrier-grade level streaming and videoconferencing product development for H.323, SIP and H.324M environments.. Main product lines include video softphone, 3G Gateway and  Media Server for the development of interactive real-time audio/video services for IP (SIP, H.323) and 3G UMTS (H.324M) networks, like Video Mail, Video Portal, Video Chat and Video Blog.  Most advance video conferencing infrastructure products line Multipoint Control Units, Video Conference Recorders, ISDN Video Gateways are developed with unique architecture and latest hardware technology along with Wifi’s most renowned partners.

A 3G gateway is needed in order to be able to integrate 3G devices into standards-based H.320/H.323/SIP video conferences. Wifi’s  3G Gateway is a class-leading appliance that can connect a 3G mobile videophone to any fixed-line (IP) videoconferencing solution.

By providing the translation between the circuit-switched 3G mobile network and IP packet-based network, 3GGW enables the 3G devices and IP endpoints to communicate; used with  Wifi’s partnered  H.323/SIP and H.320 video conferencing infrastructure, it allows 3G users to join an IP multi conference by simply using a third generation mobile phone.

3g Video Conferencing


The Wifi’s 3G Gateway has incomparable ease of use and maintenance. It can be used with BRIs or PRIs, with or without gatekeepers, is compact in size (1U) and has customizable IVRs. Equally, unlike any other Multipoint Control Unit (MCU), the Wifi’s always sends each participant in a call its own unique transcoded video. This means that 3G callers get the best possible video quality that their endpoint can support without affecting the other participants of the conference. 3G calling is very easy to set up and start using because no special configuration is required on the Wifi’s equipment.

Using the Wifi’s Video Conferencing solution, the following is possible:

  • 3G handsets can join multipoint calls using a Video IVR menu.
  • After a call is established, each 3G user can choose their own layout using their keypad. They can choose both the layout they want to see and who they want to see within the layout.
  • 3G users can call H.323/SIP or H.320 endpoints directly — or by using an IVR.
  • H.323/SIP or H.320 callers can call 3G endpoints directly — or by using an IVR.
  • Conferences can be created from 3G phones. H.323/SIP, H.320 and 3G callers can join a conference with no
    additional setup.

Wifi’s solution ensures that equipment from all video conferencing vendors and 3G handset vendors can all communicate within the same conference without any loss of functionality.