WiFi IVR platform has been designed so as to support a wide range of applications on the same system.

News & Information Services :

Will provide the latest news covering :

  • National.
  • International.
  • Sports.
  • Business.
  • Regional.

The news can be updated as per an agreed schedule, from local service providers.

Astrology Services :
Users can check their Astro prediction for the day, by speaking their star sign. In the case of DTMF, the menu is split into two parts to accommodate a single key press. The content is updated on a regular basis

A separate channel is dedicated for sports events(cricket, tennis, football), as sports being the most popular in the country. This sports services will be available during important national and international sport events. The live scores are updated into the system from the content provider during the event. And the portal will pick the content from its local folder, which will thus be the latest. The maximum delay is expected to be around 1 minute from the time of the event depending on the Internet andwidth, this delay is also expected to be much lesser.

The Entertainment section covers the following:

  • Jokes.
  • Music reviews.
  • Celebrity Interviews.
  • Movie Line.
  • Hollywood updates.

The jokes category has a special joke of the day, as well as a full list of jokes. This can be extended later so that users can upload their own jokes as well as dedicate jokes to their friends.

Music reviews, Interviews and updates will be done on a regional basis. Thus in Srilanka, this will be the local update

Musical Greetings :

Users can listen to a wide variety of music related to special occasions covering:

  • Birthday.
  • Wedding.
  • Love.
  • Seasonal.
  • More(others).

Users can then select an appropriate song o their choice, and can then dedicate it to a friend.

Quiz :
The quiz engine allows quizzes to be configured through a web-based interface. There can be a number of questions, each with multiple options. Users answer a question, and in case of correct answer moves to the next question. Winners are selected based on the number of points scored. The quiz can be configured and scheduled through a simple GUI.

Feng Shui :
We all strive to create a comfortable atmosphere in our homes and offices by repairs, trying new layouts, buying new furniture and interior design objects, but how do we know whether our efforts will be successful? Let the ancient Chinese doctrine, Feng Shui, help you! Feng Shui considers a person as a single structure in order to bring harmony to their apartment and office. Feng Shui advice and to listen to the ancient science of number reading, which provides discoveries on a person's character, natural talents and strong and weak points. Additionally, this service provides horoscope readings for you and your partner, as well as for your health, wealth and career.

Cheer up! :

Amusing Voice Messages :
Choose a congratulation or trick for your friends; enter the user mobile number and send it.

“Cheer Up” Humor
Bring a smile to your day and record your jokes. You can listen to:

  • Joke of the week – the week’s funniest and highest rated jokes.
  • Subject joke – Collection of jokes for a coming event.
  • Aphorisms – funny and useful words of wisdom.
  • Advice – advice on how to conduct yourself in various situations.
  • Bag of laughs – listen to how people laugh and improve your sprits.

Cheer Up” Fortune – Teller
Listen to your daily, weekly and annual horoscope, as well as your future using Tarot Cards, runes and fortune books.

Games & Tests :
  • Tests – answer the humorous test questions to find out more about yourself.
  • Endless History” game – Listen to any of five histories and finish it yourself.
  • Burglar” Game – You are now a burglar at a private residence and need to meet its inhabitants and find treasure to win a prize.