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A subscriber needs to recharge his call credit, so he approaches a local mobile agent. Then, using his mobile phone enters in the subscriber's phone number, he amount, and the agent's security code. authorizes the payment from the agent's payment source, and credits the subscriber's prepaid account through a direct link with the mobile operator's prepaid system. The subscriber and the agent receive a confirmation SMS message. The subscriber pays the agent, and the ent's account is debited the recharged amount less his commision. The system provides a whole distribution chain management that includes operators, distributors, sub distributors and retail stores allowing transferring funds from one agent in the distribution chain to the other, and finally to the end user. It offers a complete sales management system based on commissions from top to bottom. Moreover, it allows to expand business possibilites by incorporating new services like postpaid collecting (eCollect) or cash transfer between subscribers (eTransfer).

Product Overview

The WiFi Networks Voucher less Top Up modular architecture provides maximum security and scalability for mission critical payments solutions.

The platform presents a centralized structure with multiple interfaces like:

  • TSMSC (through SMPP 3.3/3.4/5.0)
  • IN Prepaid System access
  • USSD message transmission and reception through MSC
  • Billing system access for post-paid update
  • Banking entities access through standard protocols, like ISO-8583 Web Interface
  • Location Module, allowing online sales monitoring based on the retailer’s cell Id.
  • WAP server to enable commercial transactions using WAP cellular phones 1.1/1.2/2.0.



Key Features

VAS Applications over USSD

  • Entertainment portal
  • Customer Care Services
  • SMS/MMS Menu
  • Call Back
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Banking
  • Roaming Services

USSD Benefits

Mobile operator:

  • Fully interactive mobile services to nearly all your mobile users, right now. Leverage your existing 2G network investments.
  • Generate revenues with highly cost-effective and profitable services. Save on your current IVR application operating costs with network efficient services.
  • Boost traffic on SMS / MMS services. Increase ARPU with innovative data services.
  • Educate your customers and anticipate a smooth shift to next generation services.


  • High speed connections and interactions.
  • Simple and Easy access: as straightforward as making a phone call directly from the phone's keypad.
  • User friendly and intuitive navigation with browser type features and session persistency.
  • Seamless Roaming: Services are available anywhere in the world using the same codes.
  • Compatible with nearly all legacy handsets, no need for handsets modification /configuration or SIM card up gradation.
  • Inexpensive (or even free) services.
  • Network efficient and cost effective